Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life lately

Life has been a little on the crazy side. Super busy with cooking, baking, play dates, Disneyland, family night outs, etc. This week should be a lot of that plus some
Made a healthy crunchy taco. I baked wanton wrappers and I cooked some ground turkey with taco seasoning, topped off with Mexican blend cheese and pico de gallo. Delish!
Oh you know...riding on elephants aka dumbo
We went to the Boiling Shrimp in Redondo Beach.ERMAGAHD! And yes I used a bib.
taking pictures since we never do
Eating her "FWIES"
Fedora wearing kid
I am not a fan of Nutella unless its in something. I baked these marsmallow-almond-nutella super fudge brownies. They were so goood!
I think she thought they were good too.

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