Friday, March 22, 2013


In the past year I re-learned a lot of things that I have forgotten now as a adult. My kid keeps teaching me to remember that there is more time than there is life.

This past year I have watched my daughter grow from a baby to a toddler. She has reminded me of the purity, innocence that we as adults once had. Seriously, kids think they are invincible. I love watching my daughter run, run because it's fun. Run because a goblin aka me is after her. Run because it's freedom. I love watching her walk through plants and picking flowers. She enjoys flowers not because they mean I love you or I'm sorry or even happy anniversary. But she loves them simply because they are colorful and because she loves to smell them. The scary part is when she walks by flowers that have bees on then. She loves to point and get a closer look at the bees. I'm always the ugly green giant warning her to stay away.

You see little by little we are the ones that take away that innocence. We tell the. Of what is ugly, what is dangerous and what is shameful. We teach them to forget what it's like to be invincible.

I don't really have a direction to where I want to go on this post. I guess I really just wanted to remind myself and maybe others to stop being an adult for mate 10 mins and run. Run not because you're trying to lose weight or trying to make a time. Run because it's fun, run because a ugly Green goblin is after you. Stop and enjoy the work of the honey bee. Don't be afraid. Smell the flowers because believe it or not, a good whiff of them will bring a smile to your face.

Let things remind you to stop and enjoy life because like I said before there's more time than life. Everything else can wait.

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