Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You know trouble is near when your kid starts calling your name a billion times in a row.
We are reaching the stage of let's fuck mess with mommy to see how far I can get....

Me: Cupcake don't go up those stairs
Cupcake: walks up those stairs slowly with an evil smirk
Me: I am not playing, get down now!
Cupcake: (grin gets bigger, eyes filled with excitement) walks up another step
Me: 1...2...(gets up from couch)
Cupcake: squeals with joy....tries to run up but falls...begins to cry
Me: (pick her up) You're not going to go up these stairs anymore right? RIGHT?!
Cupcake: Okay mom

5 mins later....

Cupcake: "Mom, ven aqui" holds my hand as we go up those stairs.

You know, I am pretty patient and I pretty much let my kid explore, of course there are boundaries, limits. I do own a baby gate that keeps her away from going up or down stairs. I bring it down if I am downstairs with her where I can see every move she makes. I provide a pretty safe environment for her.

I believe in letting my kid explore so she understands what is dangerous and what isn't. Kids are smarter than most people make them out to be. People tend to shelter their children way too much. I use to be that mom, not anymore. My kid wont learn to get up after a fall, dust herself off and keep going if I limit how she plays. Of course, I am  making sure she isnt going to do anything that could possibly land her in the ER but I let her run as fast she can, I also let her fall because I know a kid needs to learn how to fall and just get back up. I let her go up my stairs even when I say no because she needs to learn that she could fall if she goes up there by herself. I let her go down the slide all by herself at the park (even though every time feels like I am about to have a heart attack) because she needs to know what it feels like to be independent.

I have an awesome kid. I am not just saying that because she is mine. I am saying that because so many people see how independent and smart she is. Even her doctor is amazed at the things she says and does. I guess I am lucky, blessed to have a kid like her. Yes, she drives me nuts more than half of the time but I wouldn't have it any other way. She keeps me on my toes.

And because I didn't want to leave this post picture-less, here she is upset at the doctors office because 1) she asked me for water, I let her have some, she looked straight at me while she opened her mouth and let the water drip down her shirt and of course I wasn't happy about it. and 2) while she is upset that I got mad at her for spiting water, she is more mad at the fact that she couldn't jump off the chairs.

I got a rebel on my hands

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